Canyon Diablo

 Location: Coconino County, Arizona. The site is named after a winding canyon three miles to the west. It is 35 miles east of Flagstaff. Also known as Barringer crater, Coon Butte, "Crater Mountain" or "Meteor Crater".

Type: Iron Octahedrite, coarse (2.0mm)IA

Discovered in 1891, a meteor or asteroid approximately 150 feet across and weighing several hundred thousand tons struck the earth, about 50,000 years ago, with a force greater than 20 million tons of TNT. It left a crater about 4,000 feet across and 600 feet deep. This is the best-preserved crater on the planet due to its young age and desert environment. Over 30 tons have been found scattered for miles on the plains outside of the rim but not within.

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